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ABOUT US l Greeting from CEO
Greeting from CEO
"Thank you for visiting Dong Bang Cosmetics, a company with goals and aspirations."
01. Capabilities and Foundations
to Leap into the Future
02. Self-Development to Gain
Insight about Time
03. A Clear Goal and
Desire to Achieve
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to those of you who care about Dong Bang Cosmetic for a long time. We appreciate your dedication to the company's development.

Overcoming many crises and challenges, we are becoming more solid global company. We are solidifying our capabilities and foundation for a new era. Through great changes in the past, we laid foundation for the history of pride, the history of joy and the history of success.
The world is facing a time of upheaval in all areas surrounding us. In a business environment, the market is changing day by day. Yesterday's comrades are enemies today, and winners today often are losers tomorrow. The era is out of control and beyond anticipation.

In times like these, we must strive for self-development to gain insight. We must raise our voices and declare that there is no tomorrow without today's reform. We must face the reality of the widening gap with the leading companies and the fierce chases of the latecomers.
In this time, we need to set a clear goal and be motivated to achieve our goal. We have a long-cherished desire to become a first-tier company. I hope that we push ourselves passionately to do so. Dong Bang Cosmetic employees will not settle in the present but will grow based on trust.
CEO Younghwan Cha
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