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COLOR THOT Developer 6%

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Product Characteristics

The ‘THOT Hair Color Gold Developer 6%’’s main component is hydrogen peroxide which oxidizes the dyeing agent, 

making the existing base color brighter though its bleaching effect. 

Product Details

1. Mixing ratio: Formula 1 and Formula 2 should have a ratio of 1:1. (However, for light up treatments, it should be 1:2.) 

2. Mixing method: Always pour Formula 1 in the bowl first. Mix with a brush and pour Formula 2. Stir until it becomes a soft cream texture. 

3. How to use: Apply evenly on the hair after mixing 30ml of each Formula 1 and Formula 2 (ratio of 1:1) immediately before using. After 30 min., rinse 

thoroughly with lukewarm water, wash with soap or shampoo, and rinse off sufficiently with warm water. 

(Volume should be adjusted appropriately according to the amount of hair.)

※ Formula 1: Dyeing formula 180g (THOT Hair Color gold) Formula 2: Oxidizing formula 900ml (Main component: 35% hydrogen peroxide)

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